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Senior and Junior Professors

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Political Economy

  • Exchange rate and currency regimes: notably the European Monetary Union, its Eastern enlargement, its implications for off-shore currency markets and the role of equilibrium real exchange-rate changes in determining nominal exchange rate changes.
  • International organization versus international policy competition: especially how the growth of international organizations generates bureaucratic inefficiency, how the International Monetary Fund causes moral hazard and political business cycles in the recipient countries and how competition among governments favours innovation and development in the economy and the arts.

Talks and Lectures at the Department of Economics

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Absolvent(inn)enfeier am 20. September 2014 / Graduation ceremony on September 20, 2014 [more]
Erstsemestertag am 27. August [more]
Evaluation der Lehre im Bachelorstudiengang vom 5. bis 9.5. [more]
Wie beeinflussen Erwartungen unser wirtschaftliches Handeln? – Neues DFG-Schwerpunktprogramm zum Thema „Erfahrung und Erwartung. Historische Grundlagen ökonomischen Handelns“ / New DFG priority program on the formation of expectations [more]

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