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The Applied Economics and Econometrics Seminars serve as forum of discussion for current research by scientists from universities and research institutes throughout Germany and Europe. Typically the papers have an applied or econometric focus. Members of all universities and research institutes are welcome to take part in the seminars. Students can apply to us.

In many cases the audience consists of some non-native German speaking colleagues. Therefore, the paper should be presented in English.

Time: Wednesday 12.00-13.30
Place: Building L7, 3-5 , Room P 043 or P 044
Contact: Prof. Katja Maria Kaufmann, Ph.D. - phone: +49 621 181-1959 - e-mail:
Prof. Dr. Antonio Ciccone - phone: +49 621 181-1830 - e-mail:
Prof. Dr. Sebastian Findeisen - phone: +49 621 181-1871 - e-mail:

For the schedule of seminar presentations, please click here.