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Good Reasons for becoming a Degree or Exchange Student at the University of Mannheim


Studying in Mannheim means studying in a baroque palace.

Most lecture halls are located in the Mannheimer Schloss, the greatest baroque palace in Germany. The city center of Mannheim spreads right in front of the palace, so it is literally just across the street from your lecture halls. In the opposite direction, you will find the beautiful Rhine banks only a five minutes' walk away. About 800 scholars and 11,000 students enjoy the privilege of this unique location and atmosphere.


Student life in Mannheim is exciting.

Mannheim has around 320.000 residents and offers a lively and diverse city known for its shopping streets, cultural attractions, its excellent transportation facilities for travelling through Germany and abroad as well as the beautiful baroque palace. Mannheim has a diverse music and pub-scene and is part of the "European Metropolitan Region Rhine-Neckar", with around 2.3 million inhabitants. Studying in the metropolitan area allows for a vast range of exciting activities: meet your fellow students from Germany and abroad in some of the various student initiatives, join the sports courses offered by the university, or participate in a multitude of activities and events offered in the area. Last but not least, there is one party you should never miss: the legendary “Schneckenhof-party”, which is organized every week by different student associations.


The University of Mannheim is an international community.

The University of Mannheim has built up a worldwide network, which includes over 450 scientific institutions. We can offer around 150 international exchange programs. A large part of our researchers come from all over Europe as well as non-European countries, and there are students from almost every country in the world. At the Department of Economics, you will find a large number of elective courses in English and even some of the compulsory courses are taught both in German and English.


Living in Mannheim is inexpensive.

Compared to other cities, rents are relatively low in Mannheim and it is easy to find a suitable apartment. Popular districts include the blocks of the city center (the so-called “Quadrate”), Lindenhof and Schwetzinger Vorstadt. If you have any questions or need assistance, the Mannheim Student Services (Studierendenwerk) will be happy to help you find suitable accommodation. The Student Services also operates a number of modern student residence halls.


Our lecturers care about you.

Our lecturers listen to your concerns and suggestions. Do not hesitate to contact them if you experience any problems or need assistance with your course of study. During the third year of the program, the lecturers may help you in identifying the most appropriate elective courses to suit your future professional career. In addition, the departmental student advisor will be available for assistance from the very first day of your course of study.


Mannheim offers internationally adjusted lecturing periods.

In 2007 the University of Mannheim has adjusted its lecturing periods to the Anglo-American system in order to facilitate international exchanges. The academic year is divided into a spring term (lectures from February until early June) and a fall term (lectures from September until December).


Mannheim offers extensive support to exchange students.

Even before their arrival, prospective exchange students receive detailed information packages concerning studying and living in Mannheim. Our International Office supports students before and after their arrival in Mannheim, helping you to register and get settled at the university (e.g. choosing language courses and finding residence). Any questions regarding the Economics program at Mannheim will gladly be answered by our departmental assistant for exchange students, Ms. Christiane Cischinsky.


Mannheim is one of the leading universities in the field of economics and social sciences in Germany.

For its economic and social sciences, Mannheim enjoys a high scientific reputation in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and an increasing number of other European countries. Our Graduate School is the only one nationwide in the field of economics funded by the German Excellence Initiative. Our high quality of research and teaching is continuously reflected by excellent results in rankings and scientific awards.


Economics in Mannheim links theory and practice.

As Immanuel Kant put it: “There is nothing more practical than a good theory”, and he was right. Consequently, studying economics in Mannheim will provide you with a strong foundation in economic theory. Training in empirical economics will start early in the program. Our lecturers are active in policy advice, public service etc. and will gladly share their experiences in their lectures. Depending on your individual choice of elective courses in the third year of the program, there will be lots of opportunities to apply your economic knowledge to real world problems.