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Visiting the Department of Economics

If you happen to be in town and would like to take a look at the University and the Department of Economics, come visit us in L7, 3-5 room 4.07. We would be happy to tell you about the Bachelor of Science program and the course of study. If you are interested, you could also attend a lecture (lecturing period: February 13th to June 2nd, 2017, Easter break: April 10th until 21st). Please see our course catalogue to find out, which lectures are held at the time of your visit. For further information feel free to contact the counselling office for prospective students.

About these pages

The following pages are meant to give you a first impression of what studying economics in Mannheim is about, as well as detailed information on the program and the course of study. If you are considering to apply, it is indispensable that you take some time to read everything carefully. As mentioned above, the counselor for prospective students will be happy to assist and/or answer your questions


Dear prospective student:  

Thank you for your interest in the University of Mannheim’s Bachelor of Science programme in Economics. We would like to extend a special welcome and invite you to learn more about the Department of Economics and the Bachelor programme.  

As a prospective student you are about to choose a programme of study that interests you most and/or an attractive place to study. We would be happy to assist you with this decision by informing you about the degree programme in Economics offered by the University of Mannheim. In this study guide you may obtain a wide range of information, regarding for example the structure of the programme, the vast job opportunities, the various options to individualise your course of study, the excellent partner universities abroad and last but not least your future professors.  

For students planning to transfer to the University of Mannheim, our sophisticated course offerings in the third year of the programme might be of special interest.  

The decision to study at an institution of higher education implies a high level of autonomy and personal responsibility, not only in your future professional life, but from the very first semester onwards. You will not simply follow specific instructions regarding the organisation of your studies. But rather, just as in other areas of life, you will have to decide for yourself – and enjoy the success as well as bear the more unpleasant consequences of your decisions. We consider the ability to make independent decisions based on sound information extremely important; therefore we grant our students as much autonomy as possible. At the same time, we are happy to assist in the decision making process in as many ways as possible.

The Department of Economics at the University of Mannheim has established an internationally acknowledged reputation for excellence in research and teaching at partner universities, research institutes, the public administration and private enterprises. Our professors are nationally and internationally recognised for their contributions to scientific research, policy advice, consulting, and public service. With regard to our students, we provide a high level education allowing individual study paths and a professional student counselling. Our graduates successfully enter the job market or proceed with ambitious Master’s programmes.

We would be pleased to welcome you soon in one of our lecture halls in Mannheim or even meeting you for a personal conversation.

If further questions arise as you proceed through this study guide, do not hesitate to contact the members of staff mentioned in the last chapter, who will be happy to give you all the advice and practical support you require.

With kind regards, 

(signed) Prof. Dr. Jochen Streb

Chairman of the Department of Economics