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Course Catalogues

Economics Courses

Lecturing periods

On the following webpages you can find information concerning the courses offered by the Department of Economics:

Undergraduate courses

Please contact Ms Christiane Cischinsky if you have questions concerning the undergraduate courses.

Graduate courses

If you want to take courses for the master's degree in Economics, please contact Mr Benjamin Kretzer. These courses are only available for master students. However, please note that from the graduate course program only elective courses can be chosen. Core courses are not open for exchange students.

Registration for seminars

Please note that there are registration weeks in May (for seminars in autumn) and in November (for seminars in spring) for all bachelor seminars. Cancelling or changing registered seminars is only possible in the following week. Please obtain more detailed information in the course catalogue.

Types of courses

  • LECTURES are mostly held by professors and convey mostly background information of a specific field. Lectures aim to explain long term developments and complex ideas or theories. Usually lectures provide the basic framework which is useful or even necessary for further studies.
  • In SEMINARS students are encouraged to participate actively by preparing papers, presenting certain topics in class and by discussing them. Oral presentations of about 30 minutes give students the opportunity to gain experience in presenting abstract or specialised scientific topics.
  • PRACTICAL EXPERCISES are held by academic assistants and aim to deepen (by reading articles and/or papers) the understanding of topics discussed in the lecture by practically applying systematic knowledge and abilities and by critically evaluating methods and contents.  
  • TUTORIALS are held by tutors (students in higher semesters) and consist of small groups of students. The main purpose is to repeat the topics of the lecture and the practical exercises. In contrast to practical expercises, tutorials do not introduce new or related topics

Credit points are transferred after successfully passing the respective exam. Students receive grades from 1,0 to 5,0, where 1,0 is the highest achievable grade (equals A) and 5,0 is the worst (equals F).

Courses offered by other faculties of our University

Courses held in English by other faculties or departments can be accessed through the website of the International Office.

The general course catalogue lists all courses offered at the University of Mannheim.