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Are the courses of the Bachelor in Economics programme taught in English?

To some extent, yes. Although some of the core courses are taught in German and English and a lot of field courses are taught in English only, sufficient knowledge of German is necessary in order to be able to meet the requirements of the programme as well as to be eligible as a student in the first place. Please find further information on the website of the International Office.

The compulsory courses of the Bachelor programme are predominantly offered in German. There are only a few courses offered both in German and English, i.e. Macroeconomics A and B as well as Microeconomics A and B. Thus, in order to be able to study the B.Sc. Volkswirtschaftslehre at the University of Mannheim your German must be fluent to be able to attend and pass the courses offered in the introductory phase (first 4 semesters).

The courses in the advanced phase of the Bachelor programme are offered in German or English.


What are the entry requirements to study Economics at the University of Mannheim?

As a prerequisite, to be able to study Economics at the University of Mannheim, you will need to speak German fluently. The following webpage offers more information on the proof of language skills for the application.


Who is eligible for the programme?

Anyone who has a German Abitur (or other German Hochschulzugangsberechtigung) or an equivalent degree from another country is eligible for the programme. All applications are processed by the Admissions Office. German citizens and non-German citizens holding a German Abitur or equivalent Hochschulzugangsberechtigung as well as EU/EWR-citizens go through the same application procedure, whereas 8% of the places in the program are reserved for other international applicants. Please beware that you will have to provide certified translations of your transcripts within the application period from May 15th to July 15th 2017. Please apply early! Only in this case, the Admissions Office has the opportunity to check your application form whether it is complete and can remanind you to provide any important missing documents via E-Mail if necessary.


How can I check whether my school-leaving certificate is recognised for applying at the University of Mannheim?

The suitability of your school-leaving certificate will be checked once you applied for the Bachelor degree programme and sent your application form and additional documents.

The following German website provides information about the recognition of international school-leaving certificates in Germany in gerneral.


How do I apply for the programme?

You apply online at the Admissions Office between May 15th and July 15th of the respective year you want to begin your studies. First, you enter all your data in the online questionaire. Second, you send off your Application Form for Admission and your Declaration of Agreement, and request the PDF-file of your application. Then you will be able to download and print your Application Form for Admission in your personal portal ("Application Management" -> "PDF-Download"). Finally you sign your Application Form and send it together with all the required documents to the Admissions Office within the application period.


Is the application process for prospective international students different?



Do I have to pass an entrance examination prior to enrolling into the Bachelor programme in Economics?

There is no entrance examination. You only need to apply during the application period with all necessary documents.


Can I apply to begin the programme in spring semesters as well?

We are unable to provide this option. The program is set to start in fall semesters only.


What kind of requirements and criteria are important in the admissions procedure?

In general, the grade of your former degree is important. Also, grades of particular subjects like Mathematics, Physics and foreign languages are considered. Practical experiences related to the contents of the Economics programme may improve your chances for admission (please find more detailed information in the Auswahlsatzung, especially in § 7, German language only). Every applicant receives points for his or her grades and practical experiences; the applicants with the highest scores will be admitted to the program. As the scores differ from year to year, we are sorry to be unable to provide a certain score that will definitely get you into the programme.


How much is the tuition fee for the program?

The federal state government of Baden-Württemberg has abolished general tuition fees. However, international students may have to pay a contribution towards the cost of high school education starting fall 2017; please see this page for further information. All enrolled students must pay a semester fee to the University of Mannheim consisting of administrative costs, plus a contribution to the Studierendenwerk and a fee for the Verfasste Studierendenschaft (AStA). Information regarding the amount of the semester fee can be accessed here.


Are there scholarships for international students available at the University of Mannheim?

Information about scholarships offered by the University of Mannheim, other scholarships as well as information on financial support can be found here.

In order to find a scholarship in Germany, please visit the DAAD website that offers a wide selection of scholarships for students.