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Department of Economics - Education

Since fall 2006 the Mannheim Department of Economics offers a six-semester curriculum of courses, leading to the Bachelor of Science degree in Economics. A Master's degree program was introduced in fall 2009. The Department also offers a doctoral program, leading to the degree of Dr. rer. pol. Funded by the DFG, this program consists of formal graduate courses in addition to writing a doctoral thesis. The ENTER-network (European Network for Training in Economic Research) provides links to leading European universities, facilitating the exchange and joint supervision of doctoral students.

The Department offers a wide range of courses. Students are given the greatest possible freedom to choose their elective courses, even from outside the department. Credits earned at foreign institutions count towards their degree of study. Based on a strong foundation in economic theory and econometric method and applications, the Department‘s programs are designed to provide students with the analytical skills and substantive knowledge needed to work successfully as an economist in a professional or academic environment. Particular emphasis is placed on the development of abilities for critical thinking, problem solving, communication and teamwork.

In the winter semester of 2016/17 722 students were registered in the bachelor's program, 131 students in the master's program, and 63 students were enrolled in Economics as their second degree subject in programs from neighboring departments.

The high quality of the Economics programs at the University of Mannheim is acknowledged by top positions in German national rankings.

Since 1998, all courses are student evaluated at the end of each semester. Since 1999, faculty members have the opportunity to take part in a variety of training courses to enhance teaching skills. Research and education were evaluated twice in 2000 and 2001 by peers as well as an independent institution. In 2011 both the bachelor's and the master's program received the German national study program accreditation, and in 2017 both programs received their reaccreditation.

For graduates of the Economics programs, there is an alumni meeting every fall.

The doctoral program is offered by the Center for Doctoral Studies in Economics, which is part of the Graduate School of Economic and Social Sciences. In the weekly Brown Bag-Seminar and the Internal Department Seminar, junior faculty members have the opportunity to present their own papers to academics of the university, ZEW (Centre for European Economic Research) and other universities. Participation in the weekly Department Seminar also facilitates establishing international research contacts within the field of Economics. With their frequent publications in leading national and international journals, junior faculty members contribute to the outstanding scientific reputation of the Department of Economics. In the past semesters, junior faculty members were able to access challenging academic positions in Germany as well as abroad.


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