Talks and Lectures - Department of Economics, University of Mannheim

this week

Internal Department Seminar

Monday, 22.5.2017, 12:00h in L7, 3-5 - Room 001

Antoine Camous, Universität Mannheim:
Fiscal Progressivity, Redistribution and the Time-Consistency of Monetary Policy

ZEW Research Seminar

Monday, 22.5.2017, 13:00h in ZEW, L7, 1 - Room Heinz-König-Hall

Katharina Huesmann, Universität zu Köln:
Public Provision of Scarce Resources when Preferences are Non-Linear

SFB 884 Seminar

Monday, 22.5.2017, 14:00h in L13, 17 - Ground Floor SFB Seminar Room

Giovanni Mastrobuoni, University of Essex:
Silence of the Innocents: Illegal Immigrants' Underreporting of Crime and their Victimization

Research Seminar in Mathematical Econometrics, Stochastics and Finance

Tuesday, 23.5.2017, 12:00h in L9, 1-2 - Room 002

Katharina Strohriegl, Universität Bayreuth:
An Introduction to Support Vector Machines and a View on Qualitative Robustness of Estimators

Applied Microeconomics Seminar

Tuesday, 23.5.2017, 13:45h in L7, 3-5 - Room P043

Alex Smolin, Universität Bonn:
Disclosure and Pricing of Attributes

Applied Economics and Econometrics Seminar

Wednesday, 24.5.2017, 12:00h in L7, 3-5 - Room P043

Simon Jäger, MIT:
How Substitutable are Workers? Evidence from Worker Deaths

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