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Internal Department Seminar

Monday, 10.5.2021, 12:00h in Zoom-Online-Seminar

David Koll, Universität Mannheim:
The fiscal return to childcare policies (joint work with Dominik Sachs, Fabian Stürmer-Heiber, Hélène Turon)

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ZEW Research Seminar

Tuesday, 11.5.2021, 10:30h in Zoom-Online-Seminar

Christoph Trebesch, Kiel Institute for the World Economy:
Coping with disasters (joint work with Carmen M. Reinhart and Sebastian Horn)

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CDSE Seminar

Tuesday, 11.5.2021, 15:30h in Zoom-Online-Seminar

Lukas Mahler, Universität Mannheim:
Lifestyle Behaviors and Wealth-Health Gaps over the Life Cycle

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CRC TR 224 Economics Seminar

Tuesday, 11.5.2021, 17:15h in Zoom-Online-Seminar

Tatyana Deryugina, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign:
Pollution and Mortality in the United States: Evidence from 1972-1988 (joint work with Julian Reif)

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Mannheim Applied Seminar

Wednesday, 12.5.2021, 15:00h in Zoom-Online-Seminar

Jesse Shapiro, Brown University:
Labor Market Returns and the Evolution of Cognitive Skills: Theory and Evidences (joint work with Santiago Hermo, Miika Päällysaho, and David Seim)

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