Talks and Lectures - Department of Economics, University of Mannheim

this week

Applied Microeconomics Seminar

Monday, 24.4.2017, 10:30h in L7, 3-5 - Room 4.57/4.58

Jiekai Zhang, PSL-Research University and CREST-ENSAE:
Regulating Advertising Time: Evidence from French TV

Internal Department Seminar

Monday, 24.4.2017, 12:00h in L7, 3-5 - Room 001

Niccolò Lomys, Universität Mannheim:
Sequential Collective Search in Networks

SFB 884 Seminar

Monday, 24.4.2017, 14:00h in L13, 17 - Ground Floor SFB Seminar Room

Laia Balcells, Duke University:
The Political Consequences of Terrorism - A Quasi-Experimental Approach

Research Seminar in Mathematical Econometrics, Stochastics and Finance

Tuesday, 25.4.2017, 12:00h in L9,1-2 - Room 002

Christian Brownlees, Universitat Pompeu Fabra:
Detecting Granular Time Series in Large Panels

Applied Microeconomics Seminar

Tuesday, 25.4.2017, 13:45h in L7, 3-5 - Room P043

Van Anh Vuong, Universität zu Köln:
The Dynamic Impact of R&D Investment on Productivity and Export Demand in Swedish Manufacturing

Applied Microeconomics Seminar

Wednesday, 26.4.2017, 14:00h in L7, 3-5 - Room 4.57/4.58

Lily Ling Yang, University of Sydney:
Dynamic Expert Incentives: Complementarity and Substitutivity in Information Acquisition

Ringvorlesung der Fachschaft VWL

Wednesday, 26.4.2017, 19:00h in Palace - Room M003

Arne Heise, Universität Hamburg:
Keynes und seine Kinder

Applied Microeconomics Seminar

Thursday, 27.4.2017, 13:45h in L7, 3-5 - Room P044

Harim Kim, University of Michigan:
Heterogeneous Impacts of Cost Shocks, Strategic Bidding, and Pass-Through: Evidence from the New England Electricity Market

Wohnungs- und immobilienwirtschaftliches Seminar

Thursday, 27.4.2017, 16:00h in L7, 3-5 - Room P044

Paul Hendricksen, Universität Duisburg-Essen:
Fluchtort Kommune – Sozialräumliche Integration

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