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1. General

  • Where can I find the course content details?
    For information about the courses we offer and the content details, please check our Program page. Click on any of the semester course programs to find details about the courses that are/were offered in that semester.
  • How much are the tuition fees?

    Tuition fees for international students: The State of Baden-Württemberg will introduce tuition fees for international students who will study starting from fall semester 2017. International students will be required to pay EUR 1,500.00 per semester. The fees are for international students who enter for the purpose of study. Students from the EU, the EEA, refugees as well as international students who received their general qualification for university entrance (Abitur) in Germany are excluded from the fee. Furthermore, students with established living conditions in Germany are also excluded from the fee.

    There is also a semester fee of € 135,65 per semester.
  • What are the costs of living in Mannheim?
    Our International Office offers detailed information about all financial aspects of studying in Mannheim (tuition fees, cost of living, scholarships etc.) on their website.
  • Do you offer any scholarships?
    An overview of available scholarships can be found in the section "Scholarships".
  • Which areas of specialization do you offer?
    In the specialization phase of the field of study "Economics" (2nd-3rd semester) students can freely choose their area(s) of specialization. We do not offer any predefined areas of specialization but rather a wide variety of courses from which students can freely choose. In an appointment with a faculty member at the beginning of the specialization phase students can discuss their course choice.
    The specialization phase in the field of study "Economic Research" consists of 6 compulsory courses in the 2nd semester and elective courses in the 3rd semester. Here too, students can freely choose their area of specialization.
  • Where can I work after graduation? What are the prospective careers of graduates from this program?
    Depending on your field of study (Economics or Economic Research) and your chosen specialization our program will prepare you for a top position in management or administration (e.g. in consulting, in the manufacturing or service industry, in banks, public administration, international organizations or non-profit organizations) or in economic research.
  • Is the program entirely taught in English? Do I need German language skills to study in this program?
    The language of instruction for the whole program is English. German language skills are not required to participate in the program.
  • Is the program accredited?
    Yes, the program is accredited by evalag, the evaluation agency of the federal state government of Baden-Württemberg. A list of accredited programs in Baden-Württemberg can be found on their website.
  • When does the program start? When are the lecture periods, examination periods and breaks?
    All relevant dates of the academic year can be found in the academic calendar of the University of Mannheim.

2. Admission

  • I have a degree in business/engineering/mathematics/political science/sociology etc.; am I eligible for the master's program in economics?
    Our program is a consecutive master's program. Therefore, applicants have to have a bachelor's degree in economics or equivalent. Applications from neighboring fields (such as business administration) are very welcome. Students from other social sciences (such as political science, sociology etc.), quantitative fields (such as mathematics or engineering) and humanities are welcome, if they have economics as a minor. However, a definite decision about your eligibility can only be made during the admissions procedure where all your documents will be assessed in detail.
  • How many places do you offer in your program? What are the chances to be admitted?
    We currently offer around 40-45 places in our program each year. Chances to be admitted depend highly on your qualifications and the number of applicants. Please do not hesitate to apply if you have the necessary qualifications!
  • What does "restricted admission" mean?
    All places in the master's programs offered by the University of Mannheim are allocated to the applicants through a selection process. The master's program in economics offers 40-45 places per year. An online application is compulsory. The selection process and criteria are outlined in detail in the selection statutes (in German) of the program.

3. Application Procedure

  • How can I apply for the master's program?
    The University of Mannheim has a two-step application procedure. First, you have to apply online. Afterwards, you have to print out your application form and send it together with all the required documents to the Admissions Office. Please have a look at the website of the Admissions Office to get further information about the application procedure.
  • Do I have to prove German language proficiency?
    No. As the language of administration and instruction is English, applicants do not have to prove German language proficiency. However, they have to prove English language proficiency. Please check our admission requirements for the proofs we accept.
  • When is the application period/deadline?
    Our annual application period runs from March 15 to April 30 for the upcoming fall/winter term. We do not have any intake for the spring semester. Please note that the application form and all required documents must have arrived at the Admissions Office on April 30. The date of the postmark is irrelevant! If you apply early, the Admissions Office has the chance to check if your application is complete and can request missing documents per email if necessary.
  • How do I have to hand in the required letters of recommendation?
    Two Letters of Recommendation are required from professors who are able to assess your ability and potential for studying in a master's program in economics.
    The recommendations have to be handed in online and by the referees directly.
    You can request the recommendations through the application portal once you have finished the questionnaire on your master data and chosen the Master in Economics as program you want to apply for.
    In the contact form for the recommendation letters, please enter the names and contact details of the two referees you would like to ask for a recommendation. Once the referee's data has been entered and you click on the e-mail icon, an automatic e-mail with further instructions concerning the recommendation will be sent to the respective person.
    The successful completion of the recommendation by the referee is indicated by a green check mark next to the 'recommendation' field in "Application Management". An orange circle indicates that you have sent an email to the referee who has, however, not yet completed the recommendation. A red cross means that you have not yet sent an email to the referee. The data may be incomplete.
    If your recommendations are not completed close to the deadline, please contact the respective referee again and ask for the recommendation. You have to ensure that all required information is available by April 30.
  • How can I check whether my application is complete? How do I know if my letters of recommendation have arrived at the Admissions Office?
    After you have sent in your application documents by post, you will be able to check in the application portal whether your documents are complete.
  • Do you accept any other English language certificates than the TOEFL?
    Yes, we also accept IELTS and GRE Verbal Score. For more informaton, please check our admission requirements.

4. Exchange Programs

  • Is it compulsory to participate in the ENTER program and spend the second year at another European university? Can I stay in Mannheim and complete the program here? Or could I just participate in an exchange for only one semester?
    The ENTER program is not compulsory. Instead, it is an offer for our most talented students in the field of study "Economics" who would like to receive a double master's degree (instead of a single degree) from two of the leading economics departments in Europe. You may choose to apply for this program after completing your first semester in Mannheim. Alternatively, you can either stay in Mannheim and complete the master's program here or apply for other exchange opportunities (e.g. ERASMUS program).